My First Blog Giveaway and Why I AM a Runner..

As some of you may know, or not know, I am an avid coffee drinker. One of my favorite things about starting a new day, is waking up to the smell of my coffee maker brewing a fresh cup of hot coffee. Ahh…. It’s also a little treat to myself after an early morning run.. Did I mention I have a “terrible” Starbucks addiction, and that where I live, there’s like at least three Starbucks within a few miles of my house?
Anyway, one morning, as I sipping my coffee, I came upon a cool website called One of the shirts they sell asks the question, “Are you a runner?” Another shirt simply states.. “i am a runner”. This made me think to myself,
                                                   “Why do I run?”
1. Keeps myself fit.

2. To clear my mind of negative thoughts.
3. Friendships.
4. The scenery- This is especially true for half marathons/marathons.
5. Races- there’s nothing better than sharing the experience with 30,000 of your “closest” friends.
6. Teamwork- Ragnar Relay-enough said. 🙂
7. To inspire others to run, especially ones who say they “can’t”- whatever that means..
8.  I love having goals- there’s no such thing as too many.
9.  Blessed to be a part of Brooks Sports- Brooks I.D. Program 2011.
10.To prove to myself that (almost) anything IS possible when you want it enough.

There you have it…My top 10 reasons why I am a runner…

Now comes the info about my first Blog Giveaway 🙂
I told you how much I LOVE coffee, and running, (of course),

Enter my Blog giveaway and win this really cool mug from, designed by –

All you have to do to enter my Blog giveaway is:

1. Be a follower of this Blog. 🙂 Of course you are, right?? Leave a comment about why YOU are a runner.
2. Like on Facebookclick here and leave a comment on my Blog that you did so.
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That’s it!! Be sure to enter by Sunday, August 21st- the last day of the giveaway. A winner will be chosen (randomly) the next day, and be notified via blog post.

Good luck!!!!! 🙂

  1. Love the mug. Thanks for the info on Zazzle. I've following both you and them on Twitter and liked them on FB. I'm posting your link on my FB page. I have lots of runner friends. 😀

  2. Forgot to include why I run. I love being out in nature. I love improving over my last time, distance, whatever. I love clearing my head and only focusing on the run. I love the camaraderie from other runners. Why do I run? Simply because since high school I always wanted to be able to run, but never really was able for a variety of reasons. Finally at age 45 I found a great program, got the right equipment (shoes) and I started running. And haven't looked back!

  3. Hi Lisa!!! I follow your blog and enjoy each post. Now why am I a runner? Well that is something that is new to me. I am starting off small (a 5k in October) as I don't want to disappoint myself, or kill myself with a long distance. So hopefully I will be able to proudly call myself a runner.

  4. Lisa, done and done. Posted on DM which propagates to both Twitter and Facebook. And, of course, we follow each other! :-)I like your top 10…very nice. I don't have a top 10; I have a top 3, then the rest is icing on the cake! ;-)See you at Parks.Stu

  5. I am now following your blog. i run because i feel healthy during and after. Also because I had a series of dreams that I was running, and I loved the feeling in my dream, so i decided I had to try it out. Funny, right?