A New Chapter and Countdown to Chicago

       Next Saturday will be my last day at work. After a planning, budgeting, and long talks with my hubby..We decided that after 14 years of me taking care of critically ill people, it’s time for me to change directions in my career. I’ve been working weekend shifts only (for the most part), for over 6 years, and it’s always 12 hours+ each shift. Not to mention I work day and night shifts, and have done this for over 10 years. This type of career takes a toll on your family life, but most importantly, your body. Down the road, I would rather a career path that is out of the ICU, and with more of a focus on wellness and health promotion. As this chapter of my life comes to a close, I look forward to what the next chapter brings. 🙂
       Now that I will have more time for my running/training, I have Chicago on my mind. The 2012 Chicago Marathon, that is. As of today, I have 26 weeks from yesterday to train, and (hopefully) smash my marathon PR (3:28:04). I know it’s definitely not going to be easy, but, getting my long runs in on the weekends, will be a lot more realistic. This has always been a challenge with my work schedule.
        Another race on my mind is the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan Race in August, here in Northern VA. This will be my first Spartan, and if it’s one area that I need a lot of work, it’s my upper body strength. This race is all about obstacles, and 8 miles of getting over, across, and under them. Let’s just say…Boot camp here I come! If you have ever done a Spartan Race, let me know how you trained for it, and any advice you could pass along.
        Best of luck to all of my running friends/blog followers, and everyone else running the Boston Marathon 1 week from today. Be sure to take it all in, and enjoy every mile.. It’s an AMAZING experience. 🙂
You’ve put in countless hours of training, not only for Boston itself, but, to get that BQ. Good luck!!! I’ll be following as many of you as I can on Twitter/Facebook next Monday.

Anyone running Chicago? What’s your Fall marathon?

  1. Nice to hear you will be taking care of yourself more now! Those types of shifts are brutal on the body & the family. Wishing you all the best in the remainder of your Chicago Marathon training!! Run Happy!!! 🙂

  2. Congrats on deciding to make this big move. I'm sure yours in an industry that sees a lot of burn out and I'm amazed you made it this long. Good luck with your Chicago training–that seems so far off right now, but we all know how quickly they get here.I am pumped for Boston next week–I love that race! Still need to pick a fall marathon out myself.

  3. So happy for you. My sister is a nurse who left nights two years ago and it was the best decision for her body and family that she could have made. Yay for Chicago, I am jealous of that one. Thanks for the well wishes, I am so excited for next Monday!!!!